John Scaringe, DC, EdD

You’re not a medical student – You’re a professional

By exposing yourself to a myriad of thought processes and teaching styles you will, in the end, make yourself a well-rounded practitioner that can look at situations with a different set of eyes. Dr John Scaringe urges medical students to take on this mentality.

The Interview

Don’t look at yourself as a student, but look at yourself as a professional. Always, always keep focused on what your goal is. You’re going to get wrapped up; it’s a very rigorous and demanding program. Learn as much as you can. Keep an open mind. Expose yourself to as many opportunities for you to develop your craft, your art, and your skill set. Any professional needs to continue to do that. And you’re not going to get all that just in your practice hours.

Always, always go outside the institution. Try to learn from as many people as you can, and try not to get sucked into one way of doing things early. Keeping focus on the patient, identifying yourself with others that focus on the patient, and not your own professional identity, and that’s a tough one. You want to identify with your profession, and you want to identify with the team. So you have this dual identity that you’re trying to develop as a student coming in, or as a young doc, or even as an experienced doc. And instead of looking at what skill sets do I bring, what lens do I look at that patient through, rather than the scope of practice my license gives me, and what’s best for the patient.

I think if we keep those, the team is going to be that much easier to build, because they are going to be that like-minded individual that are going to be making decisions with the patient at the center of each of those.

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