Amy Rothenberg, ND

Your burden goes beyond your patients

A career as a naturopath is exciting, but it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important. Dr. Amy Rothenberg discusses the issues that incoming students face; from staying focused on your goals, to being the best doctor you can be.

The Interview

My main advice to people coming into the profession is welcome aboard. Get ready for the ride. Put on your seat belts. It’s going to be awesome.  Early on establish your own ability to stay focused on your highest aspirations and to let them drive you. Be sure that you’re walking the walk. If you’re going to be asking patients to exercise every day, you exercise every day. If you’re going to be asking patients to eat a healthy diet appropriate for them, eat the right diet for yourself. You will probably do best if you try not to do everything. You have to have competency at a basic level and then you might decide you’re drawn to something in particular. It can be helpful to specialize. Get involved with the political situation of this profession. It’s very interesting and very compelling. We are all charged with carrying the profession onto the next phase. Don’t shy away from that.

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