Lisa Shaver, ND, MSOM

You can’t succeed without mentors

Dr. Lisa Shaver explains why it is essential to seek out mentors and like-minded colleagues when growing as a student of naturopathic medicine.

The Interview

I used to teach at the naturopathic college, I taught a basic science class, and some of the students were drawn to me and I was drawn to them. They became my T.A.s, and then they came into my clinic and were work-study students and then they graduated and we’ve become colleagues, but they still call on me with their questions. We need that when we’re out and practicing. I wish I had been told, “Find a mentor. Use them.” And then find colleagues who you trust, who you can get together with once a month and meet, so you can go over tough cases. I’ve been doing that with some of my colleagues now for years and it’s so helpful.

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