Bruce Canvasser, ND

Why scientific rigor is more important than ever in the supplement industry

Dr. Bruce Canvasser doesn’t see the innovation coming out of the nutritional supplement industry to be slowing down anytime soon. But with this explosion of innovation and new products comes responsibility.

The Interview

There’s always more innovation. There are always new products being researched. I think the biggest challenge is more scientific verification of their products. We know this herb is good, we know this formula is good, but give me some more information of why. More marketing that explains how rigorous the process already is, and watching the type of claims that are made on products.

The medical profession, they’re very busy doing what they’re doing. They don’t have time to understand what another profession is doing. What has to happen is there has to be more well-trained naturopathic and holistic health practitioners to help spread the word.

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