Tabatha Parker, ND

What global health systems taught me

Tabatha Parker’s eyes were opened when she experienced foreign healthcare, where solutions mattered more than labels. It inspired her to found Natural Doctors International, and fight for similar practices in our own country.

The Interview

“I have been working out of the country for nearly the past decade. I started an organization called Natural Doctors International and we worked in Nicaragua and still have an integrative clinic down there. That experience changed everything for me.

It just was a very different model that really was focused around public health and finding solutions for patients. It didn’t matter what your title was. You were there, you wanted to help and what could you do. This organization is bringing together all of the professions on an equal level to really transform medicine and healthcare.

So I’m really excited to see that that movement is actually happening now here in the United States and it’s bringing together some of the leaders across all of the major health fields. We’re realizing as a nation that the systems we have around healthcare in particular, they’re not working.

The only way for us to do this is together, unified, hand in hand, not just the providers, the patient, all of us. We all have to decide that we want a different world, that we want to different system. Come out and voice what you need and be a part of the change. We’ve got all the knowledge and all of the heart that we need to do that, so let’s do it.”

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