Joseph Pizzorno, ND

We have to stand up to prosecution

Integrative medicine has come a long way toward gaining mainstream acceptance but, as Dr. Joseph Pizzorno sees it, there is still much to be done in the political realm.

The Interview

I have only two requests of my compatriots in all the natural healing arts. Number one, be the best doctor you can be. Ultimately, curing patients is why we exist and that’s the only reason we should exist. Second, support your political organizations to do the dirty work at the state level and at the federal level to change the environment to be conducive for our medicine. So many medical doctors have come up to me after they’ve heard me lecture and they say, “What you’re doing is wonderful and what you’re teaching is wonderful, but when I try to practice it, I have to accept a huge drop in my income because now I can’t see 60 patients a day.” We have to change the healthcare system so that we properly reimburse the doctors. Equally important, we have to change the state laws so that doctors who practice this medicine stop being prosecuted.

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