John Scaringe, DC, EdD

Want to be a great physician? Surround yourself with straight talkers

When failure inevitably falls in your lap, Dr. John Scaringe urges his fellow healthcare practitioners to reflect, regroup, and achieve what they’re meant to do.

The Interview

I’ve been pretty successful with everything I try to do. I try to do the best I can, to research where I’m going in, what choices I make, and for the most part I’ve been blessed. But there was one position I was going for that I interviewed for and I didn’t get it. That devastated me and the thing is I was able to reflect on why, and I think it was attitudinal.

You get caught up sometime in your success, you start to believe what other people tell you, you start to believe your own B.S. I was losing the humility that made me who I was, and that was a good wake-up call for me. I surround myself with individuals who are straight talkers, who are invested in my success, and as a result of being invested in my success, they’re open, they’re honest, and they check me. I learned from that failure to help me move forward so that I have that feedback, and I think they’re doing their job.

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