John Weeks

A true healthcare system would invest in healthy living

John Weeks shares his thoughts on the healthcare system, and why he feels the investments are being made in the wrong areas of care.

The Interview

Our doctors, they are our shamans, they are the people who teach us about our world. And specifically about problem solving. They teach us a way, that if you have something going on, what do you do with it? And what a drug does, it says, “This human being has come into my office and the way through it is to give them a single agent and suppress the thing.”

What is that message to a human being about how you solve problems? How different would it be if the routine engagement with the system of health was to be going after what all the challenges are that have brought you to this situation?

There are two very interesting data points about our life right now that we don’t respect in this so called evidence based world. And one is that only 12 to 15% of the forces that are associated with health are clinical. All the rest of them are things like education, poverty, access to food. But our money goes 90% into clinical.

It’s almost a total reversal of what we know. If we really had a healthcare system, we would be investing so much in our communities, just making healthy life available.

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