Holly Lucille, ND

True healing takes commitment from the patient

Dr. Holly Lucille doesn’t mince words when explaining the importance of investing in your own health. An integrative practitioner provides more than advice, she explains. It’s a partnership that, in time, yields huge results.

The Interview

When it comes to really being well and seeing an integrative practitioner, they’re brilliant, but it’s 10% them, and 90% you. We can tell you and impart the wisdom and make recommendations, but the follow-through and the commitment and the investment in your health in doing these dietary and lifestyle things that make such a difference, it’s really on you. It does take time, it takes consciousness, it takes thought and it really takes getting in contact with yourself. It’s not just simply, “Here, take this.” It’s not that easy. It’s more involvement, it’s a partnership, but the payoff is huge.

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