Paul Epstein, ND

How true healing comes from within

In the eyes of Dr. Paul Epstein, the conventional medical world is using all the right ingredients, but it’s missing one vital piece: the patients themselves. Here he explains how the path to true healing begins by looking within.


The interview

My name is Dr. Paul Epstein. I’m a naturopathic physician. These are quotes that have meaning for me over my thirty year career. Carl Jung said you’re not what happened to you. You’re what you choose to become. But if you don’t know your history you’re doomed to repeat it. For me a lot of illness is repetition compulsion. Mrs. Jones might come to me and say, “Dr. Epstein, I have to lose weight.” She’s tried diet after diet and every time she’s lost weight. Her body is showing we can lose weight. I say, “Why do you want to lose weight?” She said to me – this was very powerful for me – “Quite frankly, after all of this, after trying and losing and trying and losing and gaining, now I’m fat and ugly and I hate myself.” I said, “Wait a minute, something clicked in my head. Mrs. Jones, I can give you a better diet. I can individualize. Before we do that I want you to be able to look at me in the eye and say ‘I want to lose weight because I love myself.’ ” Very different energy. Very different intention. Most people who go to naturopathic doctors are seeking deeper healing, transformation. That’s what I see with patients all the time. We’re all giving them the right ingredients except they’re not in it. What excites me is that we can do that from within by giving the patient the support, the guidance, the therapeutics and the skills they need to heal themselves.

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