Bruce Canvasser, ND

The future is bright for integrative medicine

Dr. Bruce Canvasser talks about the early days of NF formulas and how today the world is developing a more informed view of natural medicine.  

The Interview

My name is Dr. Bruce Canvasser. I’m a naturopathic physician. In the beginning, it wasn’t easy being a naturopath, because there were not a lot of other naturopaths. There were not a lot of companies out there serving the naturopathic community, which was small at that time. We didn’t have offices to go into. We had to start our own practice and make a living at it. It evolved into a fairly large company, NF formulas, that basically served the naturopathic community, chiropractors, and some medical doctors. In the earlier days we had the FDA always coming in and checking on us and didn’t understand what we were doing. We never got in bad trouble, but it was not easy. Alternative medicine today is only now becoming more accepted. If you look at the public and see how many people are using dietary supplements and natural foods, it’s in large, large numbers. With the amount of information that is out there in the public now, we need to have a guide, and I think a naturopathic physician is someone to start with.There will always be room for new formulas and there will be room for the companies that do research on their products for more verification. I think that the scientific aspect is what the industry and the profession is demanding more. So it’s very exciting. We live in very exciting times for this medicine.

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