Seroya Crouch, ND

Teaching life holistically

School doesn’t teach everything. Dr Seroya Crouch explains the importance and struggles of teaching life holistically.

The Interview

Life is holistic, so there’s a way to teach it holistically. There’s a real struggle in education right now in terms of being able to find a way to teach the biology base, the physiology, the anatomy, and all that, in a way that’s holistic and helps people understand the entire being. So the whole system stuff almost comes out of ecology to some extent because we understand ecological systems are very complex and have lots of different things going on.

You impact one thing over here and it impacts something over there, but humans are just the same. People are learning all kinds of millions of facts; there’s just so much data that they have to absorb in school and they’re not really getting what the significance of things are. But if you’re learning it within a holistic system, that’s in itself showing the complex relationships between things, they immediately can see the significance. And they understand that one thing will affect something else, which affects something else, and they learn that from the beginning.

That’ something I’ve been working on quite a bit myself — developing models for how to teach this holistically for any kind of practitioner, or even medical doctors as well; it totally fits for them.

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