Molly M. Roberts, MD, MS

Tapping into your own wisdom

Dr Molly Roberts believes no one is broken. Instead she focuses on helping patients believe in themselves.

The Interview

When I see someone I don’t see anyone who is broken. There’s nobody broken, people have their challenges, but I see that sacred spark within them first, and really first and always. That’s what I’m honing in on. I’m not honing in on whether or not their blood pressure is ok, certainly we look at it, but my first and foremost interaction with them is to recognize that they have that wise man or that wise woman within themselves.

One of the things that I say is that, “This is really safe space, and the reason why it’s safe space is because I’m so clear that you own yourself. If there’s nothing else you can own in your life, you should be able to own your mind, your body, your spirit, your soul, and your decisions.” And I see part of my job is to help them to tap into that deep wisdom within themselves. Because that’s really where the healing is going to come. It’s not from me, it’s from them tapping into their own wisdom.

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