Alyssa Wostrel

The power of synergy within integrative medicine

Alyssa Wostrel realizes the path to success with patients can’t be done alone. With such a dedicated workforce, she feels inspired by the people that are making such a crucial difference in integrative healthcare.

The Interview

Policy work, as I’m learning, because I haven’t always done it — I was in the corporate sector for a number of years — and health policy work has a different speed to it. There isn’t often a lot of immediate gratification with health policy work.

Where the juice comes from is the connectivity to other souls who are committed to the cause, and there’s a lot of joy in that kind of work. So, the people that I work with — they see what’s possible through this commitment to integrative healthcare in the United States. And they’re willing to give their time, and their talent, and their treasure.

That inspires me, that there’s this team approach, and that more volunteers and consultants and willing souls seem to just appear. Whether it’s a new board member, or a new organization, or a consumer provider who just defines us and connects as though, “I’m so glad you guys are here because you’re talking my language. And that’s meaningful to me to know that you’re out there trying to make a difference for me.” So there’s a lot of synergy and that makes the work feel really purposeful. So that helps me every day.

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