Jamie Harvie, PE

People want to make a difference

The integrative community is built on people all over the world coming together for a greater cause. Jamie Harvie shares his story on why he feels this community is gaining traction quicker than ever before.

The Interview

Years ago, I ended up in Nicaragua and it was at the time of the contra war the US was funding in Nicaragua. I went down and someone asked if I’d volunteer on a construction brigade. While I was there, there were people from all around the world — from Germany, Australia, Sweden, everywhere.

I think it was the first time in my life that I felt people were making change and transforming the world in a really powerful way. And I think what was interesting to me was the difference from what you’d read in the US media to what you’d see on the ground. Even amongst a lot of devastation and poverty, there was hope. And the fact that there were people coming from all around the globe was really inspirational.

I think it was infectious in a way. I think in the deepest heart of hearts in everyone, people want to make a change in the world and I think we don’t make progress in the way that we want is that people don’t necessarily know how to make change. But it’s not because they don’t care — I truly believe people want to make a difference. And I think people are looking for new communities; they’re tired of the old way and they’re searching.

There’s something about the integrative community that attracts those that are working in more of a collaborative, sort of intuitive kind of way. So the integrative systems community is a really exciting place to be for me.

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