Amy Rothenberg, ND

Our diversity is our greatest asset

With only 20 out of 50 states that license naturopathic doctors, we have a long way to go. Dr. Amy Rothenberg talks about using diversity as our unifier.

The Interview

I think some of the biggest challenges facing newer doctors and also facing the profession are that we have ongoing struggles in terms of just being recognized. There are 20 states and municipalities that license naturopathic doctors right now. That means there are 30 more that don’t, so we have some work to do in that realm. I’ve been working on legislative effort in the state of Massachusetts since 1992. I feel like we have to keep our finger on the pulse of what’s going on there to be sure that things are done in a way that work for our profession. Like any small profession there can be lack of harmony and lack of agreement within the profession which makes it difficult to move forward. Diversity is our greatest asset and we need to really value differences of opinion, of practice style, and of priorities within the profession. We need to have a unified voice. It’s important, particularly in the legislative arena.

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