Wendy Warner, MD, ABIHM

The ONE thing you need to build a successful medical practice

Dr. Wendy Warner discusses the way she built her integrative medical practice and offers advice to others in the industry.

The Interview

In medical school they teach us nothing at all about being a small businessperson. Those fourteen years that I was in a conventional practice I was one of eight docs. And a couple of my partners were real interested in doing the business running, and I was more interested in patient care. And so we sort of divvied up jobs, and I didn’t really care.

So when I had to start my own practice, suddenly I not only had to take care of patients, but I had to run the business. The good news was I stayed in the same community, so I already had street cred. This way they could say, “Well we know she’s a good doc, maybe she stepped off a cliff somewhere, but you know, maybe she’s a kind of a little bit weird, but at least we know she’s not a bad person.”

The way to build a practice, it’s all word of mouth, that’s really what works. If you do a good job and you take care of people, they will tell their friends, they will send their family members. You know, yeah you can put in all kinds of advertising, but what really gets patients, and what really built the reputation of the practice was going out and speaking to groups, and using my time, and frankly the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine and now the academy, that’s street cred for me. Because people will go googling looking for integrative gynecologists, they’ll run across these two websites and then they’ll realize, oh gosh, she’s practically in my backyard.

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