Tabatha Parker, ND

Integrative medicine is a two-way street

Dr. Tabatha Parker talks about the inviting space that integrative medicine offers patients who are frustrated with healthcare. Respect and understanding are valued by both patient and practitioner.

The Interview

“A lot of people are looking for healthcare, like they’re not actually getting what they need in that limited system. For me, part of the beauty of integrative health and medicine is that there’s something for everyone.

You are really in a relationship with your patient. You are creating a space for them to share their health story, and they’re really a part of that. It’s not you coming as an expert telling people what they should do. You’re really engaging them in a different dialogue. Patients also kind of became enamored by the space that they were being invited into, like you want to know my story? My story matters? It’s such a respectful place and people love that.”

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