John Weeks

We’re misusing the term “healthcare system”

A working healthcare system will focus on creating health for all people. John Weeks emphasizes the difference between a medical delivery organization and a genuine healthcare system, urging patients and practitioners to use the terms cautiously. 

The Interview

Boycott the use of healthcare system or healthcare, unless you know that’s exactly what you are talking about. So if you are talking about a medical delivery organization or medical delivery system call it that. We’ve let capitalism be rampant in our medical delivery.

It’s a three trillion dollar system that a lot of people are making a lot of money off and don’t really want to see much change despite their really horrendous outcomes. If your CFOs at the beginning of every year say we got to do this many bypasses to hit our numbers and you do more bypasses than that, you say yes we’ve had a good year. Then say sorry I’m not going to bless you with the name of health with what you are doing.

When you can see what’s going on in the way the organization or people are behaving, that the focus is on creating health and doing all of the right things that will help create health for people and their communities, call it a healthcare system. Our health professionals have front and center in their part that their job is to create health; disease management is an ancillary function, surgery. These are things that you need at certain points, but you shouldn’t have a surgery without being taught this is how you heal fastest and have education about causal factors for them when they get out.

Have something that catches them so they can begin to engage their own lives. When that becomes habit in the way we deliver healthcare, then we will have an actual healthcare system.

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