Hal S. Blatman, MD, DAAPM, ABIHM

Mastering the art of change

Dr Hal Blatman explains that change is not a fast occurrence, it takes time and dedication. Doctors need to be informed in order to facilitate this change.

The Interview

We’re knocking down the doors as we can, but you can’t just barge in and push doors over. Change takes a while, and change through history has taken a while. I got hold of a medical book from the 1930s. It was talking about the same problem in the 1930s of how new ideas are hard to adapt and the old medical establishment still wants to do the old stuff; none of that changes. So, to help somebody understand that there’s another way to think, and another way to look at it.

Change takes distribution of knowledge to people that can help make it bigger — and that integration is what makes this all work so well. I have so much to learn from my colleagues and peers that is outside my direct purview, that I don’t really focus on, that I need to learn more about. So I’m always thrilled to learn more.

I’m always thrilled to connect with another person that can show me a different way to think.


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