Elizabeth Mumper, MD, FAAP

Managing dreams and limitations

Dr. Liz Mumper doesn’t regret mistakes. In fact, she credits them with leading to her most rewarding experiences. Dr. Mumper details one such occasion and how her experience has influenced each decision in her life.

The Interview

My biggest mistakes have in a strange way also led me to some of my most rewarding experiences. I had this vision that I was going to start a mentoring center. I could have a medical practice on the one side, I could have a preschool that took care of kids with autism and I wanted to have nutrition demonstrations and chefs that would teach families how to cook.

I realized I’m one person, I’m the head of the ship, so if all those programs are going to happen, I’m going to have to do the work to get all those people in place. We had a bunch of false starts.

On the one hand, I want people to dream big, but on the other, you do have to listen to the people who have a better understanding of the limitations of making your dreams happen. I wish I’d been more thoughtful and had a better game plan rather than just the dream and jumping in and doing it.

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