Gail Christopher, DN

Listening and humility are the keys to collaboration

Dr. Gail Christopher advocates for an integrated health care system, and believes collaboration and respect are the keys to success.

The Interview

As we move toward this more integrated care model, we have to really move into the space with a deep understanding that all of us as practitioners have spent years in training and clinical practice. So we can’t assume that you can take a weekend course and become an expert in any of the disciplines that are not part of traditional medicine, any more than you can take a weekend course and become an expert in traditional medicine.

These are deep and long-standing traditions, they are different approaches to the human body, and I think it’s very important that while we move to integrate that we do so with a high level of respect, reverence, and humility, and be willing to learn from each other. That has been absent historically.

There has been a level of arrogance and disdain for the other, for the perceived other. It is in the best interest however of our patients, that we take a step back and become more humble and more willing to listen and learn from another.

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