Wendy Warner, MD, ABIHM

Insurance is getting in the way of healthcare

Dr. Wendy Warner shares her thoughts on fighting insurance coverage challenges and providing patients with more accessibility to practitioners through an unconventional approach.

The Interview

This is actually not a very popular opinion amongst some of my integrative colleagues, because there are many people who are pushing to get integrative medicine covered in the current insurance system. And I think that’s crazy, I mean I took insurance for fourteen, fifteen years in my former practice. And it puts this crazy layer of technology and paperwork between you and the patient. And it diverts your attention and your time from just being a healer. Ask any doc who’s in that system, they spend more time dealing with paperwork and rules then they are actually talking to the patient.

There is literally like a whole set of stuff I don’t have to do, because I don’t have to be compliant with certain things for Medicare, I don’t have to do electronic billing. That saves me two staff members. Talk to any MD and no matter what their specialty, at least two staff members per doctor is doing the billing. It changes the relationship between myself and my patients.

I have a lot of people show up who don’t really have a lot of resources, and they are choosing to invest in their health because they are sick to death of not getting answers. Literally people say to me, “I have saved up to come see you. I have put aside a special savings account to come spend on my healthcare¬†because it’s worth it.” So I don’t know that insurance makes sense right now, because the insurance system is so corrupt and so broken, and it’s not in the best interest of the practitioners. So, why would we want to get involved in it? I think that we as practitioners should help push the agenda for getting a single party payer¬†because then everybody gets covered and it’s easy.

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