Michael Pritchard

In healing others, you heal yourself

As a standup comedian, Michael Pritchard believes something as natural and uplifting as laughter can go a long way in connecting our mind, body, and spirit.

The Interview

My name is Mike Pritchard, and I am a PBS host, standup comedian, dad, medic, paramedic, who spends my time traveling the world listening. The reason I stepped away from standup comedy and actually went into more or less formal education, is because life is comedy. If you’re really playing the game correctly, you’re really enjoying your life.

A cynic is someone who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. Sarcasm comes from the Greek term ‘the tearing of flesh’. Those are absolutely toxins to the human system. A lot of people become open wounds spilling on others.

Julia Phillips, great writer, she said show business is where people spend all their time searching for each other’s weaknesses. I didn’t want to live in that world. I used to say to the comedians, “What’s it going to be guys, bitter or better, whine or shine, complain or gain.” If we stand around all the time whining about what’s wrong, we don’t solutioneer and go fix things, where we can.

That’s why I got into solutioneering, I got into healing. Going to cancer patients, AIDs patients, little children with cancer, and then learning from them about what are ways that laughter, human laughter, can help heal the system. It’s a great endorphin; it’s a natural morphine of the system.

I saw what laughter can do with the veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. Veterans, I saw them teach me how important my laugh was to them. Not my jokes, my laughter with them, share with them, laugh with them, enjoying them, urging them and encouraging them to tell their stories. We need more hope emotionally than anything else in our country, that’s what you want to help people with.

The biggest journey is between the brain and the heart. Live in the heart. A great teacher named Helen Keller; they said it must be hard for you to be blind. She said: “Well it would be if I had no vision.” We have to teach people the human heart. It connects them to healing themselves, and others. And in healing others, you can’t help but heal yourself.

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