John Weeks

If we want to see change, we’ve got to do it ourselves

Progress is gradual and hard earned. John Weeks understands the importance of integrative teams and teaching them to create their own future.

The Interview

A lot of us who have been in it for a long time have this dual sense of reality. Where you think actually, “My god, after thirty years we’ve only come this far?” And then you turn around and look at where we’ve come and go, “Oh my god, have we ever moved things.”

And we actually live with both of those ideas all the time. Thirty years ago you didn’t write about any of this without somebody being quoted saying it’s all quackery. Now were influencing the most significant debates and thinking in regular medicine. We’re providing the language for moving towards health creation, and we’re perched at this moment.

So one of the ways I make enemies of this community, they will say so if you are going to be transforming of agents you’ve got to take on the job of doing the real business of what does a payment system look like then if you don’t like this one, if you hate the insurers, then excuse me, if you are the people who get integrative health and medicine, teach them how to pay for it.

There’s a tendency in this community to say we are the change, we are the transformation. But we don’t take it to the point often of saying oh right it’s a big picture we need to change, that’s something significant. Who do we need to partner with to have access to the skill sets with what we need with what we do very well in order to move that part of the conversation. If you want to have these integrative teams, teach them how, make the case. We’ve got to do it ourselves.

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