Tori Hudson, ND

How medical doctors made me a better naturopath

Dr. Tori Hudson’s did not set out to be a naturopathic physician. Despite once opposing the field, Dr. Hudson has now become the epitome of an integrative physician – forever committed to finding new ways of healing.

The Interview

My name is Dr. Tori Hudson. I’m a naturopathic physician, and I’ve been one for 31 years and my specialty is women’s health. When I went into naturopathic medical school in 1980 I had an attitude that just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I’m going to be into women’s health. It became quickly apparent to me that I and my classmates were deficient and insufficient in just way too many areas in the care of women. In order to help more of my patients more of the time, I was really driven to seek that level of knowledge and expertise in women’s health. I had a lot of help along the way initially from medical doctors. That was instrumental in my learning curve and instrumental in my pulling together how to integrate conventional medicine and natural medicine and how to use the best of what conventional medicine has to offer and with the best of what natural medicine has to offer and how to minimize the weaknesses of each.

My rally cry to us is to learn, study, expand our minds and expand our belief systems. Be open to integrating new ideas and new thoughts and being committed to knowledge and the power that that brings in terms of its ability to help relieve people of their suffering.

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