Amy Rothenberg, ND

How having cancer reinvigorated my advocacy

Dr. Amy Rothenberg is an ambassador for her profession. Dr. Rothenberg believes naturopathic medicine can be integrated into all aspects of everyday life, from current events to her own cancer treatment.

The Interview

My name is Amy Rothenberg. I’m a naturopathic physician. I’ve been in practice for almost 30 years.  Last year I had the distinct experience of being treated for both breast and ovarian cancer.  I found that I was filled with things to write about around how naturopathic medicine can be used in conjunction with conventional care during something as serious as cancer care. Each step of the way, around surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, I blogged for The Huffington Post to spread that widely so that people could see another way naturopathic medicine can be useful. I’ve taken it as part of my job to look at the news and look at the world around me. What’s the naturopathic response to that?  Let’s make naturopathic physician, and naturopathic medicine household words. How do we best do that? We do that by relating it to other things that people are already comfortable with. I feel like naturopathic medicine has something really unique and effective to offer people. We just need to position ourselves correctly to get our work out there and to really reach the promise of naturopathic medicine.

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