Jamie Harvie, PE

Healthcare is more than science

Technology and science can only take you so far. Jamie Harvie explains that your feelings and intuition are just as important of a tool.

The Interview

We’re coming out of an era of scientific reason, and it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t value science, but it’s not the only thing. There’s science, and there’s technology, but there’s also intuition, and there’s feeling, and there’s heart. It’s that feeling side. And what we’re learning is that we have to balance these two; we have to put them in the right relationship, and they each play a role.

I think we need to build our skill sets up and to really hone in on that sensing side, that intuitive side, because you’ve likely been filled with science and technology and all the wonders that it will provide. Learning about how you feel is the most important thing. And following up and exploring what those feelings are telling you. And if you can explore that path, I think it’s going to take you on really exciting places.

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