Gail Christopher, DN

The goal of the “Body Owner’s Workshop”

Dr. Gail Christopher recognizes the need for us to develop a new relationship with our body, and as a result, developed “The Body Owner’s Workshop” to help us realize that our bodies are healing vessels and a crucial component in understanding ourselves.

The Interview

We have been so medicalized in this country that we view the human body as a harbinger of disease. If we do word associations, and I do these in the course; if I say breast, the average woman will say cancer, if I say prostate, the average man will say cancer, if I say heart, they will say heart attack. We have no understanding of the human body’s self-healing capacities, of its innate capacities to keep us well.

I learned that it was not efficient to keep telling people over and over again the same thing about how to care for themselves, and that in fact the behavior change was much more likely to occur in a supportive environment, where people could actually interface with others who were going through the same changes, and so I developed a process in my clinical work that was called “The Body Owner’s Workshop.”

The goal of “The Body Owner’s Workshop” is for people to develop a new relationship to their bodies. I have found that when they are grounded in this understanding and this education, their compliance, if you will, their willingness to adhere to the recommendation, it goes up exponentially, and they pass that information onto others. It’s a shift in the paradigm; it’s a shift in the relationship with the body. You have to have that shift first before you get sustained well-being and sustained change. And I’m excited by it, you can tell, that’s where my passion flows and I hope to make that a major force in this country.

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