Jaclyn Chasse, ND

How to get your tuition money’s worth

Dr. Jaclyn Chasse speaks on the importance of getting the maximum value out of your education, and how that transitions to getting a running start with your career.

The Interview

When you’re in school, you are investing so much money into your education. I just think you need to put all your time into becoming a good clinician. I actually faced that, because I was trying to pay my bills at the same time and thought “Maybe I’ll get a job waitressing, or maybe I’ll get  job doing something different on the side.”  Don’t waste time trying to make a buck on the side. You really need to just make sure you’re soaking in every ounce of value out of that investment. I wish I had spent more time developing my business plan and actually thinking about what would happen afterward. What my core market would be, where I wanted to be, studying my competitors, building a website. That could all be done ahead of time so that as soon as you get your license, all you’re doing is kicking it into gear. You’re implementing a marketing plan that you’ve developed ahead of time. I wish I’d had more forethought about that. I think that’s a really smart move for students to do when they’re in school still.

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