Michael Pritchard

Every physician needs to be an optimist

You will find health solutions and your patients will help you. Michael Pritchard inspires his peers to stay true to their hearts paths along the journey and be an optimist.

The Interview

I have a term, a word that a kid taught me, optoMystic, o-p-t-o-M-y-s-t-i-c. That’s what every physician has to be, an optimist.

You will find solutions to health. You will find miracles in the human body with the help of a patient. You will find some patient who can, through intuition, help you heal them, and you’ll watch that happen. And then you will know what you are here for.

And in the meantime, don’t let other folks define you. You are wiser than their fears. And when people condescend you about, “well, that’s not real medicine.” Every young physician needs to be fearless in their determination, to float their ship, their way, and steer to that true north compass of the stars of your life.

By being that physician that is unencumbered by winds and unencumbered by what way the storm blows, but fearlessly head to the harbors of your heart.


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