Holly Lucille, ND

Empty your cup

You won’t find a bigger cheerleader for the naturopathic profession than Dr. Holly Lucille. As a leading advocate in the industry, Dr. Lucille makes her case on why it’s so important to always be learning.

The Interview

I’m Holly Lucille and I have many different roles in this industry. One of my favorites is being an active practitioner. I think that it was the philosophical principles that got my attention in the first place. Having other people and myself feel well, just that feeling of wellness. They feel good about their family, they feel good about their health, and they’re hopeful. There’s a little bit more involvement from the patient. It’s not just simply, “Here, take this.” It’s not that easy. It’s more involvement, and it’s a partnership. You’ve got to meet them where they’re at and help them, guide them gently to get where they are wanting to go, and really walk with them.

I think the thing that’s been surprising to me about what I’ve learned is that you never stop learning. Along the way I’ve learned to empty my cup. Whether it’s going to a conference, whether it’s entering a patient visit, empty your cup, don’t think that you know it all anymore, everything is moving so fast, keep your mind open, keep your heart open, and you’re always, always learning.

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