Lise Alschuler, ND, FABNO

Easing my father’s suffering

Dr. Lise Alschuler can testify to the power of integrative medicine. Utilizing integrative therapies for both her and her father’s battle with cancer, Dr. Alschuler experienced the power of utilizing conventional and complementary therapies firsthand.

The Interview

My name is Dr. Lise Alschuler. I am a naturopathic physician and I have specialization in naturopathic oncology. It’s one thing to provide natural therapies to others and to witness their transformation, and it’s a whole other thing to experience it yourself or in people that you’re very close to. I’ve had the opportunity to do that in both my father and myself. My father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was given a very poor prognosis, and he outlived this prognosis significantly. He was given three months to live, and ended up living seventeen months, but what was most remarkable was not just the quantity of his life but the quality of his life. He said to me, “I just want to thank you because I feel healthier now and have felt healthier for this past year than I felt for the last twenty.” He had cancer all over his body. That was a true testament to the power of natural medicine because he was getting conventional treatments of various kinds. He kept failing the treatments. It was the natural medicine and his own attitude that really kept him in that place of wellness.

My own experience with breast cancer which was also treated conventionally. Throughout that time I utilized integrative therapies. Even though I had side effects and some awful ones, I always recovered from them. I didn’t just sort of recover over time. My energy didn’t drain, drain, drain. I recovered fully. To touch on people’s suffering, to bring them into a loving relationship, to provide them with tools to heal their physical body; once you’ve experienced that in a very tangible way, it’s hard to not want every single human being on this planet to have the opportunity to utilize natural medicine in the course of their healthcare.

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