Paul Epstein, ND

Cultivating the wisdom of your profession

In a discipline as layered as integrative medicine, one must understand more than technical know-how. Here Dr. Paul Epstein guides beginning students on the many wisdoms that need to be cultivated upon becoming a naturopath.  


The interview

As a beginning student, engage in really grounding yourself in the roots of your profession, in the roots of where it comes from and the roots of the medicine. Don’t accept it blindly. Inquire and question but look at the philosophical roots, the principles of practice, as a deep understanding, as the foundation upon which you then learn and apply the medicines. Cultivate both wisdom to know what to do, to do well and to get skills, but to also cultivate their heart, their passion and their caring. There’s nothing more wonderful than to be engaged in a healing journey with somebody else because it’s a combined journey that we work on together.

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