Alyssa Wostrel

Building patient advocacy groups

Alyssa Wostrel wants to show the healthcare system who is most important: the patients. Through various patient and practitioner advocacy groups, she promotes the idea that this will act as the spark of change. 

The Interview

HPC is a health policy group, so we have a professional membership. We don’t have a consumer branch, but there are other organizations that do –AIHM, the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, is working on their consumer division.

We’re advancing the field now professionally so that there’s going to be more consumer outreach and consumer access, so that chapters are going to be developing where there are “friends” of these kinds of policy and advocacy organizations — because there are lots and lots of people who want to be engaged and want to make a donation of time, or talent, or treasure. Those channels will be more obvious as time goes on. is an organization where those donations can be made. And there’s some state-to-state, like grassroots, organizations of patient advocacy. We can connect people to patient advocacy groups. It’s really through patient advocacy grassroots movements that this going to start to spark more activity.

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