Jaclyn Chasse, ND

Breaking insurance barriers to Integrative care

Dr. Jaclyn Chasse is not afraid to pave her own way as a naturopathic physician, from starting her own practice, to helping bring integrative medicine to New Hampshire. Her next step? Accessibility for everyone.

The Interview

I’m Dr. Jaclyn Chasse. I’m a naturopathic physician in New Hampshire and incoming AANP president. I started a really small practice. I brought a practice from one of my preceptors. I remember a time maybe one or two years into practice where I really wished it was more affordable for people to come and see me, because that was a big barrier. People would call the office all the time, but half the questions were “Well, do you take my insurance?” Then when we said “No” it was “I’d love to come, but I just can’t afford to pay out of pocket.” I thought maybe I’ll go back and get my MD, or I’ll get a nurse practitioner degree which are both covered in New Hampshire. Then I thought, this is ridiculous. We should be covered. I decided it would be a better use of my time to actually legislate and get that covered, and we did. I think it really opened up the opportunity for people to engage with integrative health care providers.

I think the number one challenge for integrative medicine is just owning a rightful place in the healthcare system. There’s a lot of competing forces and a lot of things changing in healthcare right now but the bottom line is what integrative medicine offers is extremely valuable, prevention-oriented, money saving, and it’s absent from the current healthcare model. Our biggest hurdle is going to be getting integrated into that system so that every patient has access to integrative care.

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