Jared Skowron, ND

Being a parent in today’s society

As a parent and naturopathic pediatrician, Dr. Jared Skowron knows what it’s like to raise a child today and the societal issues afflicting them. Dr. Skowron speaks out about the challenges and traps these issues pose.

The Interview

I feel that all families know what needs to be done. All families yearn for having the best kid and doing everything they can for their child. The most important thing is to know that there’s always an answer out there. As a parent myself, because I’ve got a little three-year-old girl, everything is about your children and everything is about making sure that everything you do is the best thing for them. Because of how society has changed, everybody falls into that loop of doing what’s easiest for the child’s food or doing what’s easiest to help babysit them with a screen or an iPad or a phone or a tablet. We are creatures of habit, so changing habits is always a difficult transition, but it’s about introducing these things to kids, whether it be food, whether it be outdoors time, one thing at a time.

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