Tabatha Parker, ND

Be a part of the change

A truly integrated healthcare system is on the horizon, but it requires collaboration. Dr. Tabatha Parker stresses the importance of bringing the various disciplines of health and medicine together to bring about lasting change for patients and calls on individuals to be a part of the change. 

The Interview

We’re realizing as a nation that the systems we have around healthcare in particular, they’re not working. Right now there is truly a movement where a group of the conventional system is saying, “Here’s my hand. Come. We need your help. We need your expertise. We want you to be at this table.” In order to do this, we all have to listen to one another. We have to create a safe space that we can come together and share and letting our egos get out of the way and just really coming together to transform everything. I truly believe that that’s possible. Find your brothers and sisters that are doing this. Come on board. Come out and voice what you need and be a part of the change because that’s really the only way we’re going to do this is together.

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