Molly M. Roberts, MD, MS

My advice for students in integrative medical fields

Guiding someone without judgment is what enables Dr. Molly Roberts to join patients on their road to healing. This is a long process and one that she hopes future integrative medical students see to the end.

The Interview

My advice to anybody who’s wanting to get into this type of work is the very first step is to do your own work (in school.) Because if you are doing your own work, you will be able to get out of your own way, and just be a witness.

My goal is not for me to come down on high and say, “Here’s what I know, take this pill, you’re going to be better.” The real goal is to be in loving attention and ask them the questions of what it is that they need, and let them tap into answering that question for themselves. And then join them on the journey of whatever that looks like, without judgment, without an agenda, without a plan past┬ájust what’s the next step.

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