Dr. Roger Jahnke: The most profound medicine is produced within

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A tidal wave of enlightened citizens is rising. The cost of group based health sustainability practices (Tai Chi, Qigong, Wellness Coaching, Yoga, Meditation, etc.) is cheaper by magnitudes than treating people one at a time with pharmacy and clinical procedures. The most profound medicine is produced in the human system for free!

It is a striking fact that over 75% of disease is preventable. And yet, we spend $3 trillion annually treating preventable disease. This is a terrible and unnecessary tragedy.

What is actually required to reduce and even eliminate heart disease, diabetes, anxiety, and depression? Community based wellbeing maximization activities that are inexpensive, inclusive, socially engaging, and fun.

These potential cultural and economic changes are hindered by the biggest barriers in integrative medicine including misinformed citizens, the illusion that only medical experts can create health outcomes, policy that encourages citizen self-reliance, and the false idea that life choices are not the cause for risk for disease or risk for disease.

That is the bad news – the good news is that the human system produces the most profound medicine. Health sustainability is automatic with a few simple actions which have no cost. So, we – myself and my colleagues – work with what we call the Free Healthcare System.

Free Healthcare System

First, each person is responsible – that is able, informed, and inspired to be responsive. According to the Declaration of Independence, self- determination is the highest value in democracy.

Second, persons are influenced by social factors and policy factors. Thus, the media, legislators, and policy makers are called upon to create the context that supports self-determination.

Policy can support people, but people have to support policy by being active. In healthcare the easiest way to reorganize is to have a critical mass of citizens who have cultivated wellbeing and proven the relevance of behaviorally based health sustainability, disease prevention, and personal fulfillment.

No matter whom your doctor, what your health challenge, what medicine you are taking — always lead with self-care. You are the primary health care provider on your case.

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