Why Wisdom Matters

Because change is possible…when we work together. 

Countless individuals have seen, and experienced, the transformative power of integrative medicine. Now they’re working towards putting integrative medicine at the core of our healthcare system, which means:

  • Establishing access to proper nutrition and other core necessities
  • Increasing collaboration between practitioners across disciplines – especially in the management of chronic disease
  • Advocating for reform to remove insurance barriers

Most of all, empowering patients to be an active participant in their health.

The ‘Integrative Wisdom’ series from Integrative Therapeutics is a collection of insights from individuals across the integrative medicine community, who share this common mission: making integrative medicine part of every healthcare discussion. Though we all have different perspectives on how we’ll get there…it’s clear we have a lot to offer one another, and that as a community, we can drive this mission forward and create real change in the world.

Let’s make it happen. Start by building the conversation.

– Tabatha Parker, ND

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At Integrative, we believe everyone deserves knowledge of all options in healthcare; to be able to access the best of conventional and natural medicine without barriers, because it’s the only way everyone can make informed decisions that best suit their lives. We believe that patients and practitioners are partners in health; and that patients who are empowered to take control of their health, live happier lives.